The Ultimate Anti-Aging Daily Skincare Routine

As soon as we are born, we begin to age. By the age of 20, we produce 1% less Collagen as each year passes! Daily skincare routines are essential for slowing down the process of aging. As we age our skin becomes thinner and more fragile. Using products that strengthen the skin barrier without being harmful to the epidermis help maintain a youthful look to our skin.

One of the brands we recommend trying in order to slow the aging process is Ultraceuticals. Nearly every Ultraceuticals product that SKN BAR offers contains niacinamide and panthenol – two important forms of vitamin B for skin health. Niacinamide and panthenol help to strengthen and promote an even skin tone. These ingredients are a great starting point for an anti-aging routine. The steps below will help you put together a skin care regimen just in time for the change of seasons. It is great for all skin types, too!


The Ultra Balancing Gel Cleanser is formulated to thoroughly cleanse, remove impurities, and makeup. With a powerful blend of aloe, cucumber, and oat extracts it conditions in addition to cleansing, leaving the skin clean, but not stripped of oils. 


The Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum is a moisture rich blend of panthenol, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid that helps to retain moisture in the skin. This serum helps to plump the skin and reveals a more youthful appearance. This serum is used underneath your moisturizer to lock in moisture throughout the day. 


The Ultra Moisturizer Cream helps to maintain the skins optimum hydration levels. Formulated with antioxidants including Vitamin E, and sodium hyaluronate, this cream will help your skin will feel silky smooth and hydrated all day long. 


The Ultra Protective Antioxidant Complex helps to protect your skin from free radical damage. Free radical damage leads to premature aging, fine lines, and uneven skin tone. Using this product daily prevents future damage and corrects visible damage on the skin. Vitamin E, and Ferulic Acid are the key ingredients in this protective product.  


The Ultra Protective Mineral Defense SPF 50+ is a lightweight sunscreen that easily blends in to every skin tone. Zinc Oxide 12% provides a mineral defense shield on the skin to protect against UV damage without leaving a white cast on the skin. Use daily to prevent from premature aging. Re apply every 2 hours to prolong effects.

Ultraceuticals is the #1 skincare brand in Australia, one of the most harshest environments in the world for our skin. What sets them apart from other lines is the promise and proof of real results in 90 days. Below is a before and after of a patient’s skin after just 3 months of treating her skin with Ultraceuticals. No lasers. No injectables.

Getting older in inevitable, looking older is not. Following a consistent skin care regimen filled with high-quality products, like those from Ultraceuticals, will allow you to age gracefully and maintain your radiance.

If you’re hoping to take your skin care to the next level, schedule a complimentary skin care consultation — we are happy to provide you with a customized regimen to help target your specific needs.