Why Medical-Grade Skincare? 

When shopping for skincare, people experience more options than anyone could ever want. The shelves are filled with bottle after bottle of creams, cleansers and serums that all say they do the same thing. The process of picking what is right for you and your skincare goals has become increasingly overwhelming. 

Right now, it’s easy to trust whatever the newest influencer is chatting about or whatever’s ads are filling our Instagram or Tik Tok from various skin care brands. From consistent products being thrown into our face and our favorite influencers we love raving about something new, we naturally assume that these products from Target, Ulta, Sephora, etc. are going to be great for the skin. While some may not be doing any harm, they’re likely not doing what they claim to say they will do for your skin, or really anything at all. The best thing someone can do for their skin is to invest in something that works, that is provided by a trusted licensed professional. In this blog, we are going to be clearing the air when it comes to skincare that will benefit you and break down the why behind medical grade skincare.  

Products as pure and as strong as these are able to penetrate deeper than the epidermis which leads to more dramatic and longer lasting results.

Medical-grade skincare, also known as cosmeceutical skincare, is targeted to specific medical conditions and needs such as acne, hyperpigmentation, or premature aging. Offering both medicinal and cosmetic benefits, medical grade promotes not only beautiful-looking skin, but healthy skin as well. 

Medical grade skincare can only be sold by licensed physicians or at businesses overseen by a medical director such as dermatology offices, medical spas, and directly from the company online (Make sure any medical-grade products you are purchasing online is from an authorized retailer). The great thing about medical grade skincare being sold like this is that there is always a licensed professional present to consult about what products are best for individual skin concerns as well as how best to use the medical-grade products.  


There is a reason there are strict selling requirements with medical grade skincare and it’s primarily due to the products containing concentrations of active ingredients at a prescription-strength level, and the purity of these ingredients is also required to meet a certain standard. Products as pure and as strong as these are able to penetrate deeper than the epidermis which leads to more dramatic and longer lasting results. Not convinced yet? On top of this, medical grade products are required to go through an extensive amount of testing and clinical trials to ensure safety, efficacy, and long-term effects. In short, medical-grade skincare is scientifically supported and proven to offer greater, more satisfactory results than what can be bought over the counter.  

These same reasons to buy drugstore products are truly the same reasons as to why not to buy drugstore products.

Over the counter products may contain “good” ingredients such as retinol, salicylic acid, and AHA’s, but the concentration, quality, and delivery mechanisms in these products differ greatly from medical-grade products. The reason so many people choose drugstore skincare is because it is easily accessible, affordable, and advertised everywhere. These same reasons to buy drugstore products are truly the same reasons as to why not to buy drugstore products. When products are easily accessible at every Walgreens, Ulta, or Walmart, it means the company is producing these products on a massive level. When products are mass produced like this, the company is choosing quantity over quality. If skincare is the concern, quality should be the priority. Who doesn’t love affordability? No one. Affordability is great, but potent, quality ingredients do not come cheap. Affordable drugstore lines likely formulate products with inexpensive, poorly sourced, and ineffective ingredients just to be able to advertise with seemingly good ingredients. In reality, there are no regulations required that guarantee the benefits of those ingredients.  

 Meanwhile, medical grade products are required to follow many regulations when it comes to sourcing and quality of ingredients. Drugstore marketing is something that no one can ignore. Unfortunately, over-the-counter skin care lines usually invest more time and money into advertising and packaging than they do into quality and effective products. All-in-all, the many reasons for choosing drugstore skin care over medical grade are likely the exact reason to prioritize medical grade products instead.  


Many consumers are shocked by the cost of medical grade products. We completely understand, it is a big change to go from paying $10 to suddenly paying $75+ for one product. Everyone loves a great deal, but when it comes to making the switch from over the counter to medical-grade, a change in price comes with a change in results and satisfaction.  

  • Quality Over Quantity: The skin is an organ that needs to be maintained and kept healthy just like any other organ, which makes it extremely important to prioritize quality over quantity. Don’t forget, stores like Target, Ulta or Walgreens are all carrying products that are mass produced. With mass production quality is almost always hindered to support the excessive quantity. Your skin deserves and needs high quality products for optimal health and results. 


  • A Little Goes A Long Way:  While medical grade products do come with a high price tag, they are likely more cost-effective in the long run. The purity and potency of active ingredients means that a little goes a long way. At SKN BAR Rx we walk you through the exact amount of product to use on your skin for each product you are purchasing. Most products will last you 3+ months!  


  • Investing In Results: Medical grade products yield real results. Most consumers would agree that their money is better spent on results they are desiring rather than on something that won’t benefit them short or long term. The price of a medical grade skincare product guarantees the purest ingredients along with the most advanced studies that prove product efficacy. High price? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. Prioritize self-care, prioritize your skin health and invest in yourself. 
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When shopping for skincare, people are searching for something that is going to resolve a problem within their skin. We can promise you, the solution is going to be medical grade skincare over drugstore skincare. These products eliminate the waste of time and money on over-the-counter products that simply do not work for most skin concerns. Kick off your skincare journey by scheduling a complimentary consultation with our licensed aesthetician at SKN BAR Rx for expert guidance on all thing’s skincare and skin treatments.  Book your consultation below! 

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