How Chemical Peels Can Help Transform Your Skin

Consistent sun exposure can greatly impact the surface level of our skin, impacting our color, texture, and balance levels. It is extremely prevalent during the summer months, but no matter the time of year, your skin health should be front of mind. Chemical peels act as fresh start for your skin and are safe for all skin types. Skn Bar Rx has created the perfect guide involving all things chemical peels to provide you the necessary information needed for your future treatments.

Keeping your skincare in mind, chemical peels are meant to completely transform your skin by starting from the beginning. If you are looking to start from scratch, including reducing wrinkles and fine lines, dark spots, acne scars, or uneven skin pigmentation caused from years of sun-exposure, then a Skn Bar Rx chemical peel should be on your treatment list.

Chemical Peels involve an acid-based solution that will be applied to the treated area, most commonly the face, that will completely remove the outer layers of the skin. During this process, the skin will naturally start to peel and flake the older layers off and begin the regeneration process. By shedding the older layers, your skin will begin to heal itself naturally and come back softer, smoother, and with less blemishes.

Your Benefits

Your skin is naturally trained to heal itself through safe and organic methods. Chemical peels work as a starting agent to carefully, yet productively start that rejuvenation process. Your skin will not totally regenerate itself without some sort of traumatic presence that forces the skin to restructure and grow. The word traumatic is used because it needs an intense enough shock for the skin to start over and rebuild. The benefits of a chemical peel offer a night and day difference through:

      • Clearing up frequent break outs
      • Increasing skin hydration
      • Reducing discoloration caused by sun damage
      • Sparking new cell growth and collagen providing a radiant look
      • Diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
      • Improving effectiveness of home skin-care products
      • Concentrating on scars and skin blemishes
The Different Types of Peels

Chemical peels range in specialty and intensity. The common level of intensity for chemical peels are set at the light or medium level. Most patients have very common and minor skin concerns that they are working with, so the light and medium intensity will provide the desired results needed. High intensity peels usually require anesthesia and extensive care from a licensed physician since the procedure is meant for extreme or abnormal skincare conditions. SKN BAR RX offers multiple different chemical peel services ranging from points of focus and intensity.

Customized Peel

(Hydrate and Firm/ Clear and Mattify)

This Customized Peel is great for nearly all skin types. Including those with normal, oily, dry, clogged or blemish prone skin types. Based on the desired results you and your licensed professional determine during consultation, the products will be selected specifically to your concerns. In just 30 minutes, you will get the necessary exfoliation or hydration needed for a complete skin refresh.

Brightening Accelerator

(Radiance and Glow)

Similar to the customized peel, the Brightening Accelerator Peel will also work with all skin types. This peel is ideal for those looking to improve their radiance and smooth up any uneven skin tones. Combining Hydroxy acids with Salicylic acids with Vitamin B3, this peel will work to improve and restore your brightness in just 30 minutes.

Retinol Enzyme Peel


For those suffering from premature aging or uneven skin concerns, the Retinol Enzyme Peel works as an exfoliant and regenerator for your current skin conditions. In just 30 minutes, the combining efforts of Retinol (Vitamin A) as well as an enzyme derived directly from pineapples (Bromelain), will have your skin looking and feeling younger and more luminous.

Renewal Peel


Similar to the customized peel, the Renewal Peel is accommodating with all skin types and works on exfoliating the skin’s surface. This 30-minute peel will focus on the tone and texture of your skin promoting softness and pore refinery. In addition, it will work on restoring mild photodamaged skin (sun damage) allowing your skin to heal and restore.

Brightening Peel

(Level 1-3)

The Brightening Peel works directly with mild to severe skin imperfections and begins addressing your concerns with a combination of various acids. Depending on the severity, ranging from fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and melasma the level needed will be chosen based on current skin conditions and desired results. Not only will our licensed professionals work on promoting your skin health, they will work on reviving your skin’s radiance and glow.

Before Care

Your skin will be healing and completely regenerating itself after the procedure. Just like injections and laser treatments, your body will take time to properly heal and revive itself. There are some sensations that you may experience during your treatment including: tingling, tightness, and hot or cold skin temperatures. This is completely normal to experience during your procedure and after. If you feel any pain from these sensations or any other abnormal sensitivities during or after your appointment, alert your practicing nurse immediately for further instruction.

The healing process for your chemical peel are likely to include:

      • Select the right chemical peel for you. At SKN BAR RX, you cannot receive any procedure without an initial consultation. If you are interested in any of the peels above, schedule a consultation, and one of our certified aestheticians will help you determine on which service is best recommended for your current skin conditions.
      • Avoid all exfoliants for up to 1 week before your appointment. The chemical peel, no matter the specialty, will act as your direct exfoliant. Leading up to your appointment, you should not use any exfoliants, including products that may contain exfoliants, on your face. Your skin should be as natural as possible coming in to your appointment to not only increase the effectiveness but also aid in the healing process. The procedure alone will do a giant clear up of your concerns.
      • Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. We cannot stress this enough. Not only should you be drinking lots of water before and after the procedure to help with the healing process, but do not use any products on your skin that will potentially dry it out.
      • Avoid anti-aging or anti-acne products. The harshness of these products can impact the skin and how it reacts to the peel. As a general note, try to avoid any harsh products on your face a week prior. Remember, keep your face as natural as possible.
After Care

Chemical peels, just like any other cosmeceutical procedure, will require some before and after care. Your skin will be completely rebuilding itself from the ground up. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that the healing is efficient and quick through prepping your body as much as possible to avoid pain or longer healing times.

      • Skin peeling: The whole concept of a chemical peel, in any form, is to shed the older skin to let the new skin breathe and heal properly. You will experience some level of peeling about three days after your appointment. The length of healing time is dependent on the patient. The average peeling time is 7-10 days with improvement daily. It is very uncommon to have peeling that lasts longer than 10 days. It is recommended that you do not get a chemical peel before any large event or gathering due to this reason.
      • Skin Sensitivity: Your skin is likely to be more sensitive than normal, especially during your peeling process. Make sure to apply daily sunscreen to protect against high sun exposure and be sure to apply a gel hydrating cleanser to help aid in moisture and healing. It is recommended that you avoid any harsh products during this time due to the heightened sensitivity. If you have any questions or concerns on what products are safe to use ask us in the comments above or at your next consultation.

Chemical peels have been a common practice for a long time and have recently re-surged into popularity. One thing is for sure, they are guaranteed to prove consistent results. The aestheticians and nurses at SKN BAR RX are trained to work directly with your needs and comfort. If you have additional questions or concerns, it is best to address your specific needs with one of our professionals to provide you a personalized answer. Consultations are required before any service in order to meet your desired and personal needs.