At Skn Bar Rx, we want to ensure that you not only get all the necessary information regarding products and services on the market, but that you have an opportunity to learn about the team that is providing these services to you. We are incredibly proud of all our licensed professionals for not only being the absolute best at what they do, but the vision and passion that they incorporate into their practice. Without a doubt, our staff is client driven to create the best possible experience for you. 

We interviewed with Melissa to gather more extensive information about her journey as a service provider. It can be beneficial to learn about your licensed service providers to understand their specialties, schooling, history, and personal recommendations especially when researching the right provider for you.  

Throughout the interview, we asked Melissa a series of questions to help us better understand her journey that led her to becoming one of Skn Bar Rx finest aesthetic nurse injectors. 

Q: Can You Share with Us a Brief Introduction About Yourself, Your Background, and Education? 

My name is Melissa Hughes, and I have been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years. I started out my nursing career working in the Operating Room (OR) as a circulating nurse and then a charge nurse. This gave me a great background in understanding anatomy, physiology, medications, and overall patient care as well as, administrative functions such as scheduling, staff management and OR flow. I worked in the OR for 10 years, and then I moved to a plastic surgical office.

In most plastic surgical offices, aesthetics and injections–such as fillers and Botox–go hand in hand. Working in plastic surgery has exposed me to a variety of patients. I have worked with patients requiring breast cancer reconstruction, face and body augmentation for quality of life, abdominoplasty, wound care for patients with burns and significant skin procedures. This has given me a heightened sensitivity to patients that come to my space. You never know where they are coming from and what they have experienced, so I try to make their experience here very comfortable, warm, friendly, educational, and most importantly, to understand their goals and expectations.

That is actually how I was introduced to injectables. The nurse who I worked with hosted multiple courses since she owned her own company and I decided to attend. One of those courses was on injections which piqued my interest, and I fell in love with it. From there, I continued my education by taking a 2-day injection class at the Academy for Injection Anatomy. This class enhanced my practical understanding of the layered 3D anatomy of the face and techniques through working on scientific cadavers. During this training, I was able to learn and see the specific location and depth of the of facial sub tissues and gain hands-on experience in my injection techniques to produce safe and optimal injection outcomes.

Q: Which Services Do You Specialize in at Skn Bar Rx?

My focus is currently in Botox and dermal fillers. This is a fascinating field to me because it is ever-changing. There are always advancements in products and techniques. Continuing your education is really important not only for professional development, but to also ensure patient safety and improve customer’s results and satisfaction

Throughout my aesthetic career though, I have injected Botox, dermal fillers, worked with different lasers Hybrid Fractional Laser (HFL/HALO), (Broadband Light Laser (BBL), and performed micro laser peels, laser hair removal, and radio frequency (RF) treatments for skin resurfacing and tightening. These treatments, along with others, were a great joy for me to learn and have helped me to enhance what I do now. Since I have had a broad background in many different aesthetic procedures and a wide variety of clientele, I have been able to carry that knowledge and experience with me throughout the years to help me continuously grow in my capabilities and technique.

Q: What is Your Personal Favorite Service and Why? 

Botox is definitely my favorite. I also think that skincare is equally as important. I always recommend that my clients have a skincare consultation with one of our estheticians. Having a daily skincare regimen and using quality skincare products that are right for your skin type are all important components of aesthetics. I work on the tissues and muscles, but we can also have providers to work on the canvas of the face. The skin tone, texture, and brightness are key and something that should not be ignored.


When clients come in for Botox or filler injections—I do not assume that they know the scope of the treatment based on what they read online. I like to start from the beginning and let them know what to expect. It is more about education than anything, I have had many clients state that they have learned a lot more through my consultation, than they have at other places that they have received treatments from.

I go into detail about the difference between Botox and filler, various muscles, and the impact your muscles and tissues have with the guest’s concerns and the treatment approach. I also address realistic expectations with their service, any medical information that we need to discuss prior to the injections, and the before and after care. I believe in educating my clients on the full scope of their treatment and service. Transparency is important as it is with any relationship, and I strive to provide my clients with as much information as possible to help them make an informed decision.


They should look into the full scope of the treatment if possible. This could include downtime, learning how to prepare before their service, making sure their skin is healthy, and researching reputable injectors. At SKN BAR Rx we have a board-certified plastic surgeon to assist with any adverse reactions. Even though they are extremely rare, we have a physician available to assist the client at any time. That is extremely important when it comes to safety. Injectables are considered a medical procedure, therefore they should be administered with extreme caution and care.

Reputation is also crucial with any service as well. How establishments choose to run their business, their ratings, and professionalism—all matters. We take great pride in how we care for our clients and how we run our business as a team. With any research, that should always be taken into consideration.


I really like seeing my clients excited about how they look after their results. It really builds their confidence. Honestly, just the smile that they have on their face when they leave—I can truly tell they are happy. It really changes how people feel about themselves. A lot of people struggle with being self-conscious because we are all our own worst critic. So, when they can see that corrective change it is a very satisfying process all around. It is satisfying to me as well, that I can impact someone’s life in that manner.

Q: Any Fun Facts That You Would Like to Share About Yourself? 

I love to travel! My favorite place that I have traveled so far is Greece—it is absolutely stunning. My daughter lived in Europe for quite a few years so I would visit her, and we would travel around Europe. I enjoy hiking, being outdoors, and spending time in nature. Spending time with family is also very important to me.
I always like to share with people that when I first met my husband, he took me on a hike at the Grand Canyon. It was beautiful, however, I didn’t know we were going to hike all the way down to the Colorado River and back up in 1 day—which I thought was pretty crazy but also impressive.

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