Get To Know: Taylor Snyder Licensed Aesthetician

At Skn Bar Rx, we want to ensure that you not only get all the necessary information regarding products and services on the market, but that you can learn about the team that is providing these services to you. We are incredibly proud of all our licensed professionals for not only being the absolute best at what they do, but the vision and passion that they incorporate into their practice. Without a doubt, our staff is client driven to create the best possible experience for you.

We interviewed with Taylor to gather more extensive information about her journey as a service provider. It can be beneficial to learn about your licensed service providers to understand their specialties, schooling, history, and personal recommendations especially when researching the best provider for you.

Throughout the interview, we asked Taylor a series of questions to help us better understand her journey that led her to becoming one of SKN BAR Rx finest aestheticians.

Q: Can You Share with Us a Brief Introduction About Yourself, Your Background, and Education? 

My name is Taylor Snyder, and I am a full-time Aesthetician at the SKN BAR Rx Shorewood location. I have been an aesthetician primarily in the medspa setting for a little over 3 years now. I went right into the medspa industry knowing that it was my passion and what I wanted to do. I have been here ever since, and I absolutely love it.  

I went to MATC in Mequon, Wisconsin. It was a full-time program that lasted longer than most programs that I know of. I was in school for the full-year and was a full-time student. I chose this school knowing that they were not a medical spa school, since they were not established in those kinds of programs at that time. However, they offered DiamondTome, HydraFacials, and more advanced treatments so that is a main reason I chose to receive my education from there. 

I do pride myself that right out of school I started on the retail floor as an Aesthetic Advisor prior to receiving my license. In doing so, I was able to familiarize myself with products and overall sales and slowly made my way into the treatment room. I worked for a plastic surgeon, and worked directly with her right out of school. Similar to how we have Dr. Butz here at SKN BAR Rx who is our Medical Director, she worked directly within the space as well. I learned a lot about plastic surgery from that. So not only just the skin and face, but breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, and treatments relating. So, I became very well-rounded in consultations relating to those treatments as well. 

Q: Which Services do You Specialize in at SKN BAR Rx? 

I work a lot with Chemical Peels, Hydrodermabrasion, DiamondTome Microdermabrasion, HydraFacials, our SKN BAR Signature Facial, Clear and Brilliant, SkinPen, and Laser Hair Removal. I do all the services offered at the Shorewood location except injectables, HALO, and BBL.

Q: Which Services Are Your Favorite to Receive at SKN BAR Rx? 

My favorite service to receive is probably SkinPen Microneedling. Laser Hair is not the most fun, but it is effective, so I do enjoy the results of that. You can also never go wrong with a SKN BAR Signature Facial. However, SkinPen Microneedling is my #1 service to receive.

Q: As an Aesthetician, What Are Some Common Concerns That You Address with Clients? 

I feel like I have a range of clients with various concerns. Most of my clients are like my age, so early 20’s and then ranging into their later 40’s. So, I do have a wide range of clientele. With that, the concerns range too. So, acne, pigmentation, and pore size are probably the top 3.

I have been getting a lot of inquiries about body treatments, for instance, acne on the body. I did a laser hair removal treatment on a guest with a lot of folliculitis (in grown hairs) so laser hair is great to treat other concerns that you would not necessarily think of.

There is not a specific concern that sticks out to me, it is more of a range of concerns that I can work with and have worked with throughout my career. I enjoy addressing texture and tone, though. So, when we are looking at the Observ520 photos, I always focus on the hyperpigmentation view most to treat concerns relating to overall texture and tone.

Q: What Should Clients Know When Researching Various Skin Treatments? 

I think price is really important. Sometimes it can be too good to be true. So, price comparisons are beneficial. For instance, if someone is offering Microneedling for $50, then I would really think about that and compare it to other prices offered. I know that takes research, but when it comes to safety and reliability, I do think that it is important.

I would also look at basic contraindications as well. If you know that you are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition, keep that in mind before booking. We will ask you during your consultation, so it is best to keep your safety in mind from the start. We take treatments very seriously here at SKN BAR Rx, so we do everything we can to provide safe and effective treatments.

Q: What Are Some Things You Like to Address to Clients During Your Consultations?  

I like to set everyone up with realistic expectations. That is probably the most important thing to me. I also like to use the 80/20 principle. I am only 20% of the fix. What you do at-home takes up the other 80%. So, if we do a treatment, and then you go out in the sun with no sunscreen, then it puts us back to where we were at the start. At-home maintenance and being consistent is a big part in achieving results, and something I share quite often.

Many people do not know this, and this was something I recently learned too. So, for instance, laser hair removal for the face– 4-6 weeks is a good timeframe, for the body it is 6-8 weeks. If you go 12 weeks between your treatments, you are actually setting yourself back. So, I cannot stress enough the importance of a timeline. The treatment plan that we determine during your consultation is something that is important to stick with and be committed with to achieve results.

HydraFacial Milwaukee Signature Deluxe Platinum Hydrating Facial
Q: What is the Most Fulfilling Part as a Service Provider? 

Every day is a little bit different. No treatment protocol ever changes, but every guest has a different concern. For instance, the overall concern could be pigmentation, but one guest has a red pigmentation concern, another has brown pigmentation, lighter, darker, or deeper. So, customizing a treatment is never the same which means no day is ever the same.

I also like to make people feel good. People usually feel super good after their treatments and I love to be a part of that happiness and excitement with them. I also love how everything continues to evolve within this industry. There is always something to be reading about, researching, and new information that comes out that I personally never knew about. It is always super interesting to just learn and expand my knowledge.

Q: How Did You Get into the Field of Aesthetics?

I had watched a ton of YouTube videos when I was growing up. From the age of 15, I would sit in front of the computer and watch makeup YouTube videos for hours. I started with a love of makeup, and from there realized how important skincare is. That is how I got started with my interest and career in aesthetics, and now I hardly wear makeup because I really enjoy clean skin.

Q: Any Fun Facts That You Would Like to Share About Yourself? 

My hobbies are cleaning and organizing. I am very much a home-body. Cleaning and organizing makes me so happy. I do it all the time at SKN BAR Rx, and I tell people all the time that this is something that I enjoy and really like to take my time with.

I also used to do beauty pageants when I was younger. I used to be like a child model and was on two game boards. This was when I was like 10 years old, but I am still holding on to that win!

To follow Taylor’s professional journey and see her clients’ transformations, follow her on Instagram at @tayloratsknbarrx.  

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