How Does Sleep Effect Our Skin?

One of the best places to start for our skin is to get enough rest each night. Everything from our nightly routine to the way in which we sleep can directly impact our skin. Our skin is a window to what’s going on in our body internally, so if we aren’t sleeping our systems aren’t functioning properly and it’ll show on our faces. Luckily there are some simple ways to improve our nightly routines and in turn improve the health of our skin. 


Cleansing Before Bed 
It may seem simple, but it’s non-negotiable when it comes to keeping our skin clear. Cleansing at night is more important than in the morning and it doesn’t have to be lengthy or difficult, but it does need to be done. We don’t want to give the pore-clogging irritants we run into all day a chance to sink in and do damage while we sleep. A simple routine to try is micellar water for makeup removal, a gentle cleanser, a serum, and a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid for extra hydration.  

Limiting Alcohol Before Bed 
If we have a drink within 90 minutes of sleeping, we will never enter the cell regenerating period in REM sleep. Even as little as two servings within that 90-minute window will prevent the REM cycle and result in crepe-y skin, uneven complexion, and dry skin.  

Sleeping on Our Back 
The position our face is in while we sleep matters to our skin. We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so it’s important that our bedroom environment is a part of our skin care routine. Fabrics that are too rough don’t provide the slip our skin needs to move freely as we toss and turn throughout the night, which pulls the skin and contributes to fine lines and wrinkles over time. Wrinkles on the face and chest/decollate can be caused by sleeping on our stomachs or sides. The best way to sleep is on our backs but can be difficult for many of us who prefer our sides. If becoming a back sleeper is not an option, a satin or silk pillow can help minimize the irritation and compression on your skin.  


Sleep feeds our brain, body, and skin and getting enough of it is more important than we think. Our brain can get rid of 60% more toxins when we get the right amount of sleep, which helps us think clearer and look/feel more refreshed when we wake up. With a good foundation of rest followed by a day filled with healthy foods and plenty of water, our skin will reward us with a healthy glow!