10 Ways To Beautiful & Protected Skin This Summer 

Sun, heat, humidity…beach, pool, lake…who doesn’t love Summer? Summer is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, and picnics. While it may be tempting to head out and jump to these activities, proceed with caution! Living in a northern state, we don’t have as much consistent direct sun. Those first few days of hot sunny weather are often when people get burned, sometimes severely, even from a minimal exposure time. Our skin is not used to extreme conditions and needs to be taken care of when exposed to UV rays, climbing temperatures, and spikes in humidity – all which take a toll on our skin. In this post, we’ll offer some tips and tricks for keeping your skin healthy and beautiful all summer long. 

  1. Wear Sunscreen

Daily! SPF is not only for the beach! Sunscreen is a must-have for protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. Choose a mineral based sunscreen with an SPF that protects against both UVA and UVB rays, of at least 30 or higher and apply it 20 minutes before stepping out into the sun. Remember to reapply every two hours, especially if you’re swimming or sweating. 

  1. Treat / Soothe Sunburns

Even the most diligent of SPF users will experience a sunburn. Like a burn from an oven or hair tool, burned skin is unhappy skin, and it needs to be treated and soothed. Keep the skin hydrated, take a cool bath, wear loose clothing, and use aloe vera topically to help repair your skin.   

  1. Eat A Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet can do wonders for your skin. Incorporate plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet, along with lean protein, healthy fats, and whole grains. These foods are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for healthy skin. 

  1. Moisturize

Even in hot and humid weather, it’s essential to moisturize your skin to keep it hydrated and healthy. But remember, too heavy of a moisturizer may leave your skin congested. Summer is the time to consider switching to a lighter formulation, and adding in a hydrating serum should you need that extra boost. This will leave you hydrated but not heavy feeling. We suggest opting for a lightweight moisturizer that won’t clog pores and apply it after cleansing and toning your skin. 

  1. Exfoliate 

Summer can cause an accumulation of dead skin cells on your skin’s surface, leading to a dull, rough complexion. Exfoliating is the key to brighter and smoother skin. It prevents the skin from becoming congested and allows it to breathe. Exfoliating your skin 1-2 times a week can help to remove dead skin cells, revealing fresher, smoother skin underneath. Use a gentle exfoliating scrub or brush to slough off dead skin cells and unclog pores. (+ Don’t forget the rest of your body!) 

  1. Use A Refreshing Toner 

The t-zone of the face has the largest concentration of sebaceous (oil) glands and tends to be problematic for many people. Toners work close open pores (sebaceous glands), helping to control the production of oil. Extracts of cucumber or aloe vera are very light and refreshing, a great summer ingredient to look for.  

  1. Rework Your Makeup Routine

Healthy skin is the prettiest skin! Summer is a perfect time to go makeup free! Not for you? Your skin will thank you when you switch to lighter formulations. This will allow your skin to breathe better on those hot and humid days. Tinted moisturizer, tinted lip balm, or maybe just some highlighter might be all you need to embrace your natural beauty.  

  1. Get The Glow Without The Damage

We enjoy spending time in the sun because it feels great! Some of us even enjoy the bronzed glow it imparts. This will come as no surprise that time spent in the sun to achieve that golden glow is extremely damaging and causes premature aging. Self-tanners are a great way to achieve a harmless tan. (Hint: they work even better on exfoliated skin.)  

  1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Drinking plenty of water is crucial for maintaining healthy skin during the summer months. It keeps your body hydrated from the inside out and leaves keeps skin supple, soft and radiant. Water allows the skin to flush out toxins through sweat and regulate heat.  Heat and humidity can also cause your skin to lose moisture and become dehydrated, leading to dryness, flakiness, and even breakouts. Ensure that you drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily to keep your skin, hair, and nails hydrated and healthy. 

  1. Don’t Forget Your Lips 

Every bit of care we would give to our skin, our lips also need. Lips can easily become dry and chapped during the summer months. And just like the rest of the body, they need attention – this includes exfoliation, hydration, and sun protection. To protect your lips, use a lip balm with SPF protection. Reapply frequently, especially if you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors. 

Taking care of your skin during the summer months can be simple and easy with just a few steps. By following these tips, you can keep your skin looking and feeling healthy, radiant, and beautiful all summer long. 

Still have questions? We are happy to help. Stop in at either SKN BAR RX location (Shorewood or Pewaukee) and let one of our skin care professionals guide you to your perfect summer sun and skincare routine.